Marketing using “how to”, some ideas from the database

July 20th, 2008

It is a natural phrase, “How to” blah blah blah…  It is also why we are here.  Look at these very revelent example from our own goals

how to make money at home
how to make money doing scrapbooking
how to make money doing scrapebooking
how to make money fast
how to make money for free
how to make money from home
how to make money in real estate.
how to make money leis
how to make money on ebay
how to make money on the internet
how to make money on the stockmarket
how to make money online
how to make money using clickbank and google

there are also some not too obvious variations on this theme.

howto make a patchwork quilt
howto make beaded bracelets
howto make popers
howto sell on e bay
howtobuy a house

it amazing how the space bar either doesn’t work for some folks.  :

Marketing How do I? or did I go to far?

July 18th, 2008

When thinking about long tail… one of the first ones to come to mind is “how do I”. 

how do i access outlook express
how do i add a background to my webpage
how do i add a background to my webpage with go daddy
how do i add a new email to my account
how do i add another screen name
how do i add mp3 to my web site

But are you missing an opportunity by going to far with that phrase?  Is the “I” really needed?  Here are some examples from my handy dandy database.

how do 3-d stereograms work
how do 3-d stereograms work essay
how do 3d stereograms work
how do 3d stereograms work essay
how do a hemp plant look when it first start 2 bud
how do a record label reproduce a song
how do a television use three pimarycolorstoproducea full color picture
how do a television use three primary colors
how do angler fish protect themselves
how do anions form
how do be a systems analyst
how do brakes work
how do breast look when pregnant
how do businesses use voice and data convergence
how do buy adobe acrobat 7.o
how do car repairing
how do cardiac agioplasty
how do cardiac angioplasty

You can build a phrase with “how do” and just about any pronoun or noun.  Don’t get stuck in the obvious ruts, think different.


more to what is… than what is

July 15th, 2008

Well, here is a fun little dump of What is from my database. It is just a small sampling, but will hopefully prove a point. There is a little more to what is than just what is. Don’t forget that there are other filler words that go into a “what is” phrase. What is “a”, What is “the”, What is “an”,etc…

what is a .avi file
what is a 1950 d nickel worth
what is a 2nd person perspective
what is a 3g network
what is a 401k plan
what is a accounting specialist
what is a analogy
what is a anastomotic leak
what is a anatomic clinical pathology
what is a anchor shackle
what is a ankh
what is a arrowhead
what is a atrac3
what is a auto salvage
what is a awl
what is a b.a.
what is a b.s.a
what is a b.s.a in science
what is a baccalaureate degree
what is a baccalaureate degree in sociology blk. studies
what is a bachelor of arts
what is a back line transit system
what is a backslider
what is a bad credit score
what is a balustrade
what is a barometer
what is a basic step in aerobics
what is a beautiful woman
what is a beer bong
what is a benchmark
what is a beta-blocker drug
what is a bi-cornet uterus
what is a bible collage
what is a bible college
what is a bibliography
what is a bibliography and how do i write it
what is a blog
what is a blow job
what is a body tag
what is a bombshell
what is a boner
what is a bottle of cris
what is a brace and bit
what is a braib tumors
what is a brain biopsy
what is a brain tumor
what is a brain tumors
what is a brazilian wax
what is a bridal
what is a bridge rectifier
what is a bridge rectifier have to do with generators
what is a bronchial spasm
what is a browser
what is a buffalo nickel worth
what is a burnt exhaust valve
what is a business entity
what is a business entity in ky
what is a business plan
what is a c e chord and dm7 chord and a gm bflat
what is a cacrpace
what is a caldecott book
what is a cane bolt
what is a canticle
what is a caper
what is a capital gain
what is a carapace
what is a cardisach
what is a carismatic church
what is a carriage bolt plate
what is a cave cleft
what is a cerical epidural
what is a certificate under seal
what is a certified chronometre
what is a chamblee cervix
what is a charismatic church

Never argue with the data

July 12th, 2008

There are many tools out there to find long tail phrases…  Duh…  Long tail is very popular now.  But have you ever wondered if the long tail popularity has actually been self fueled to a certain degree.  As people try to make up long tail phrases, do they actually pollute the data?  Do some tools show a phrases simply because a marketer tried to research it?

Personally if I see that a particular phrase only has a couple searches a day, I don’t get to excited about the phrase.  If I see a hundred searches a day with less than 100 matching results in google, that is more interesting.

What would be interesting to see though is a source of data from before long tail became popular.  While it might not have data about things that are very popular today it would contain still a wealth of data that could be very useful for find phrases for many subjects.

That being said, I got some data from several years ago that I am analyzing and hope to being to the site in the not too distant future.

Cheating Girlfriend… A little more crowded

July 10th, 2008

Well yesterday we looked at Cheating Boyfriend for some longer phrases that did not have a lot of competition and found some opportunities.  Trying the other side of the coin appears a little more crowded, but there are still some possibilities.

Using my fun tool

“tips girlfriend is cheating” about 118 results

“cheating girlfriend test about” about 85 results

not  great, but workable

“How to tell if girlfriend is cheating” about 27  This is an exact flip on one from yesterday.

“Quizzes to see if my girlfriend is cheating”  has ZERO matches, but I can also not find any search count data for this term.  It might not be viable, but then again it would be a single result

Cheating Boyfriend…. still some options available

July 9th, 2008

Think that this is saturated? well, there are some options there for people that can write and get indexed.

For example

“Dreams about boyfriends cheating” only has 49 exact matches in google


“How to tell if boyfriend is cheating” only has 31.

when looking at my friendly search tool, these two phrases do get some searches each day. Granted not millions of searches, but with so little competition, your chances of getting the traffic is a heck of a lot better.

and for good measure here is one last one

“Quizzes to see if my boyfriend is cheating” only 25!

Up next, see if the girlfriend version also can bring some results.

Getting Started

July 9th, 2008

The purpose of this site is to list ten ideas each day of good phrases to write Bum Marketing articles about. Some days I also hope to include some tips and tools that will be helpful. Feel free to leave comments or send me questions and ideas for the site.