“What Is” long tail bum marketing?

To put it simply, Bum Marketing has 4 parts. Locate the niche market you can explore. Find the low competition keyword phrase to target. Write an article and optimize it based on the target keyword phrase. Submit your article to popular article websites

So why would it work? (See the Bold like above!) The ideas is that by writing original quality content, with good long tail phrases, you can get good search ranking and therefore customers.

A long tail phrase is something other than the usual one or two word versions of a search. There may be 400,000 results for Bum marketing, but only 900 for “What is bum marketing”. You have little chance of competing in one set of results, but a much better chance in the other. Depending on what you pick, it could be as few of ZERO competitors for a phrase.

“What is”, is the question and the answer. Think in phrases. In my database of search queries about .12% were of the form “What is”. Considering the millions of searches that happen every day, it can start to add up.